Advantages of Using a Realtor

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Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Professional

Decatur and Atlanta are just coming out of a really strong buyer’s market. Last year, we had over 8 months of inventory on the market and in some Atlanta neighborhoods, they had 18 months of inventory. The banks are not releasing the foreclosures at the same alarming rates, but slowly releasing them to the market and there are a lot of investors in Atlanta buying these properties. That has resulted in fewer months of inventory.

The last four years have been a challenging time to sell your home. Home values have dropped about 30% leaving many home owners under water. Buyers have become vigilant with their inspections and also hoping to get a “deal” — even though home prices are not continuing to fall. Appraisals are still challenging with many homes not appraising for the sales price. It is easier to get a home under contract in this current market, but we are still facing many challenges with getting the home to the closing table.

o The agents who have successfully maneuvered through this challenging time, have an excellent perspective on their local markets. Agents can find out about homes that are under contract as well as homes that will be coming on the market because they have relationships with other agents. Additionally, agents preview homes every day and are familiar with the other homes that are comparable to your home. This helps the agent strategically price your home to sell at the highest amount in the least amount of time.

o Many agents use a professional stagger to arrange your home in a way that will be appealing to the buyer. The agent is in the marketplace every day and knows what the buyer is looking for in a home. Many sellers make home improvements that don’t increase the value of their home, and an agent can advise you on the home improvements that will add more value.

o An agent will advertise your home in proper media channels that will attract local and out-of-town purchasers. Marketing your home is your agents strength and ensuring that your home is visible to everyone looking to buy.

o An agent will ensure that your home is marketed to as many agents as possible by holding caravans for agents to preview your home. Many homes sell because an agent came through a home on caravan and it happens to meet the criteria of one of their buyers.

o Agents bring qualified purchasers. Successful agents ensure that their clients have been qualified for a particular price point before showing them homes. This ensures that the purchaser is looking in the appropriate price range and that the purchaser has the ability to buy your home.

o An agent does not have an emotional stake in your home and they can create a win-win situation for the buyer and seller — where each party is happy about the process. The goal is to get to the closing table and to ensure that the buyer or seller do not kill the deal.

o There are many steps in getting your home to the closing table from paperwork to following the real estate law in your state. An agent has the experience to navigate through the process creating a stress-free process for the seller and the buyer.

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